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Capability to feel Talent, Guarantee, and you will Despair

Capability to feel Talent, Guarantee, and you will Despair

Biggest Happy Scholar

Nagito had his term while the Ultimate Happy Student because of the successful a lotto regarding entirely ordinary students, and that contributed to him signing up for Hope’s Level Academy. The guy in the beginning refused, saying that he don’t deserve it, nonetheless insisted he should sit-in. Nagito possesses a routine away from uniform negative and positive fortune. While something most lucky happens to him, things really unlucky is bound to takes place following. As talent generally seems to protect him regarding passing, it may cause your higher distress and has now killed people around your. The only one whoever chance matches his very own is Izuru Kamukura, and later Hajime.

Nagito’s birthday (the new 28th day’s the fresh last week) heavily recommendations his talent, together with delivery day symbolizing bad luck and you may demise if you are his birthday celebration means a dual amount of wide range and you may luck according to old Japanese and Chinese values. Given a few of the supernatural points noticed in the latest collection, you’ll be able one to their uncommon birthday celebration possess an impact on his unusual luck.


If you find yourself his mental feel are lacking, Nagito is one of the most wise emails of your next games. They can would highly complicated arrangements and you may evauluate things quickly actually without any assistance of his chance, that has a tendency to backfire on the your.

Within the Danganronpa 2, they are one of the recommended detectives regarding the category and you may they are also very competent in the believe along with disease-fixing. Regarding classification products, Nagito manipulates discussions and you can says facts not one person else regarded. Monokuma shortly after demonstrated him since “annoying” to possess noticing a details others missed. A part of how come Hajime revealed who the fresh new culprits were regarding the examples was by the constant ideas and clues Nagito provided him. Will, the guy seems to be in a position to give what Hajime is considering and frequently he is able to even accurately guess whenever and exactly what Hajime is about to figure out.

For the Danganronpa An alternative Occurrence, he written real-lives “games harmony” of the ordering brand new Monokuma Kids so you’re able to really or ultimately offer Komaru beneficial points and you will alter their landscaping and make her wade for the the right guidelines, it-all making sure that her growing one another psychologically and you will actually.

For the Danganronpa 3 – Despair Arc, he somehow gathered lots of facts about Junko and found their own wonders place. The guy truthfully informed their classmates on the Junko however, decided to perhaps not opposed to the hopefulness and quickly shed understanding afterward. Got the guy been conscious, he most likely have aided his classmates so you can effortlessly prevent Junko’s pitfall, by the observing Mikan’s unusual decisions or any other symptoms. Following he wakes up and when it is already too late, he attempts to alert their classmates by advising all of them it’s a trap.

Surprisingly, Nagito including appears to have a beneficial attention getting noticing skill, hope, and you will anxiety in others. Eg, Hajime never ever decided an ultimate to your and then he turned into off to feel talentless. For the section 3 of your own 2nd game, Nagito just got small blurry glances at the Mikan’s face, but he might share with that their expression are laden up with anxiety and then he also named their unique Best Despair, despite being already new to the term. From inside the Danganronpa A new Event, he might experience the possibility when you look at the Komaru. Inside the Danganronpa step three, he could be in addition to nearly quickly interested in Izuru, allegedly as the he can sense his feeling. Had he come awake to talk with Mikan, he probably would enjoys realized that this woman is infected because of the anxiety.

It is both played getting jokes regarding non-cannon manga, when he is suddenly arrive because the he believed one thing despairful or hopeful do happens.

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